Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Montserrat First Annual Encaustic Conference June 8-10, 2007

Many IEA members both participated and attended Montserrat College of Art's First Annual Encaustic Conference held in Beverly, MA June 8-10th.

Board Member Eileen Goldenberg submitted the following photos to give you a taste of the event:

Joanne Mattera's house party, the painting in the background is the one on the cover of her book.

Hylla Evans, Kim Bernard and Lissa Rankin at Joanne's party.

Cari Hernandez with her birthday cake at the IEA hosted party at the Salem Waterfront Hotel.

Alesandro with crowd at artists talks at the Encaustic show at Montserrat.

A piece with copper wire at show.

The Collaborati working it, from left Cari Hernandez, Eileen Goldenberg, Daniella Woolf.

State of the Art panel with, from left, Joanne, Tim McDowell, Katherine French, Richard Frumass, Hope Burwell, Barbara O'Brien.

Eileen's Wax head.

Linda Womack making repairs in the gallery.

Joanne at a demo...James Meyer to the left.

George Mason demo with paper stencils.

Amazing piece at the show.


Joanne Mattera said...
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Joanne Mattera said...

Hi, Eileen--

I wanted to edit the post and couldn;t, so I removed the first one and am reposting here.
Nice reporting. I'm swiping one of the pix shot at my house for my own blog entry, to be posted soon.

Meanwhile, may I add some facts to your post?
.Correct spelling for panelists' names: Richard Frumess, Hope Turner.
. The painter you showed is Alexandre Masino
.The white paper piece you called amazing is by Lori Fredette.
.And who was that chunky person you identified as me? ;-)

CMC said...

As a new member of IAE, it is nice to have a few faces to go with the names. Thanks for this report from the conference. I want to put it on my calendar for next year.

Joanne Mattera said...

Hi,again, Eileen--

And now let me correct my own spelling. The white paper piece you called amazing is by Lorrie Fredette(not Lori as I originally said.)

June 20, 2007 5:41:00 PM PDT