Sunday, November 12, 2006

Masters Class by Joanne Mattera on Nov 11, 2006

Joanne Mattera was the guest speaker at a Masters Encaustics Class hosted by Hylla Evans (IEA member) of Evans Encaustics. Both IEA members and non-members alike attended. The class was held at the Arts Guild of Sonoma from 10 - 5 pm.

Joanne, author of "The Art of Encaustic Painting", went beyond the encaustic painting bible, and offered individually focused Q&A to address specific questions from the attendees. Topics ranged from supports to surfaces, to packing/shipping and much more. We then went around while some of the attendees, who had brought artwork with them, said something briefly about their work and took feedback and comments from Joanne and class participants. Finally, Joanne showed a slide presentation of examples of encaustic work from the Faiyum funeral portraits through the Jasper Johns era and many of the contemporary artists producing encaustic art now in galleries and museums.

Here are several photos from the day:

WCEA Becomes IEA

The West Coast Encaustic Artists (WCEA) has officially expanded its focus and the new name of the organization is International Encaustic Artists (IEA)!

We welcome all encaustic fine artists and invite you to visit our website.

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