Monday, April 30, 2007

2007 Second Annual IEA Encaustic Retreat

Report/Impressions by IEA Board Member Eileen Goldenberg of the IEA Second Annual Encaustic Retreat, held in Carmel, CA April 27-29, 2007:

IEA Art Camp 2007, WAX ON!!

This was such a fun event. Getting together with this group of artist was wonderful. Everyone was so excited and glad to be together and in such a beautiful place, Hidden Valley, Carmel.

We saw demos of everything from creating texture with leaves (Lissa Rankin), focusing a magnifying glass to fuse (Adele Shaw), painting on paper with the hot box (Sandi Miot), to Chester Arnold making Rabbit skin gesso and leading an informative and fun critic.

I personally was grateful to have feedback on my current “Tea House” series from quite a few people and to see how to print photos on tissue paper (Linda Womack). I also love to see new tools and get to try them. I would have liked to take a photo of everyone in the wax lips, maybe next year...

Many people commented on how everyone is so open and generous with sharing info and techniques, and how we all love to spend time together.The late night gathering after the opening at Lauryn Taylor’s Gallery, in the fireside room was a hoot. Kimberly’s story (our newest member) about how she got to the retreat from North Carolina via Big Sur was hysterical. And the Fusing contest got everyone going with Nancy Pollack bumping Lissa Rankin and Lauryn Taylor, and Lauryn trying to blow out Nancy’s torch. Lissa won and Lauryn got the wax lips.

Cari did an amazing job of organizing, setting up (with the help of Wendy, Judy, Lauryn and Daniella) and staying on task. She worked very hard on this project. We all thank her profusely.

- Eileen Goldenberg

Here is a sampling of photos from the retreat:

Above: Lauryn Taylor and Cari Hernandez

Above: Cari Hernandez getting her tiara

Above: Daniella Woolf at her Highlands Gallery show

Above: Chester Arnold demo

Above: Chester Arnold demo 2

Above: "Off the Grid" opening reception

Above: "Off the Grid" show

Above: Eileen Goldenberg w/ her pieces

Above: People's Choice Award

Above: Adele Shaw and Tina Vietmeier

Above: Rodney Thompson using the tacking iron

Above: Sandi Miot encaustic on paper demo

Above: Lauryn Taylor and pigment sticks demo

Above: Linda Womack and photos on tissue paper demo

Above: Lissa Rankin demo

Above: Mary Farmer graphite demo

Above: Fusing Contest

Above: Gail, Kim, Cyndy, Sandi, Rodney, Linda at retreat

Above: Judith Williams collage demo

Above: Artists watching Judith Williams

Above: Thank You Awards