Tuesday, February 13, 2007

General Members Meeting Feb 10, 2007

IEA held a General Members meeting on February 12, 2007, at Tina Vietmeier's studio in San Francisco.

Gail Steinberg, President, had handouts for the new organization structural chart, a projected financial budget, and the latest members list. She announced that IEA was now an official California 501(c) registered non-profit organization.

We also discussed the upcoming Encaustics Conference in Boston, IEA's own second annual Retreat coming up in the Spring, in Carmel (look for details on our website), and the group discussed various upcoming exhibit opportunities.

Then everyone who had brought work to show got a chance to discuss their work and the group provided their comments and admiration!

I took these pictures a little before everyone showed up but at least it gives you a flavor of the afternoon.

Mary Marks and Howard Hersch discussing Mary's work.

The board where other work was posted, Adele Shaw's to the left, Eileen Goldenberg in the middle, Jhina Alvarado's to the right, and Howard Hersch's piece on the floor.

Gail Steinberg conducting the meeting.